Create Style with a Small Bathtub

It’s not uncommon for people to choose a bathtub over a shower, no matter how small the bathroom is. However, what do you do when you don’t know how to choose the said bathtub and the place seems so small that you can’t fit anything there?

The secret is that you can either hire an interior decorator, or you can create your own décor, starting with a few ideas and a thorough measuring of the place. Both of these options are viable, but if you choose to do a DIY project, you will also have the satisfaction of a personal success.

The Budget

Banner-Tahoe-7236SDFSThis is the first thing that you have to consider when you plan the redecorating of your bathroom. It’s important to know how much money you have available, because depending on your options, you will spend less or more. If you want to go for top of the line products, you need to know that these will be more expensive than the rest of the items.

Consider whether you will pay in cash on with a credit card. If you have the available money, paying cash is a good option, but if you pay with your credit card, consider how much you will pay monthly and on what period of time.

Usually, what costs more is the bathtub, because if you choose it, it will have two possibilities of usage – as a shower or as a tub, so keep your mind on the budget when you go shopping.

Take Measures

a16698fdbfe7d329a2d593c7e0a0677bIf you choose to do the whole redecorating yourself, you need to know that you need to have good eyes for details. Talking about details, you need to know that the most important step is to take the measures of the room. Consider how much space you have available and if the bathtub you want to have will fit there. Don’t worry if you have available only a small space, because you will find small bath tubs on the market that can fit into any room.

Note down how much space you have available for the bathtub, for the vanity top and for the rest – like the toilet and a cabinet.

A Thorough Searching

Don’t buy anything until you have seen what the market has to offer you. Start browsing the local stores and deposit and see what they have available. Don’t forget to take the measures with you and a measuring tool that will let you appreciate how small the bathtub really is and if it fits in the space that you have available.

Don’t take any decision until you have seen more options. In addition, consider the price when you choose something.


2702366_f520If you have a very small space available, consider that there are also the freestanding baths or the Japanese soaking tubs. These are stylish and really small, so you can add them into your bathroom without problems.

In addition, there are bathtubs that are quite similar to the shower cabins – a deep but small bathtub surrounded with fiberglass walls, which is quite perfect actually for the smallest spaces.

If you want to have everything done by yourself, ask about what it takes to install one of these. If you are not sure on the result, ask a professional to help you.

The Details

What makes a nice bathroom into a luxurious bathroom is the details. You can choose top of the line items for your bathroom, but if you don’t match them or if you choose the wrong colors, you will get a bad looking bathroom.

Look for ideas in the online environment or ask an interior designer about what colors will make the room seem bigger. Usually they will tell you that white is adequate, but also blue shades or green ones. Take care when you choose the appliances, as the quality should be good. This will also reflect on how nice they will match with the rest of the room, so pay special attention to these.

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